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In December, I will be using Lynda.com to teach myself Photoshop. I had some experience with it a decade ago (most of my school friends were artists), but it’s been too long. And since I have the equipment (Adobe subscription for a year Bamboo tablet) and don’t want to waste it, this is me giving myself good reason to use them!

I am most in need of learning how to create logos and profile pictures (chibis, perhaps?) so will probably scan through Deviant art for examples to mimic/learn from.

For the month, I will be going through 1-2 Lynda courses (Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics [5 hrs @ 0.5 speed = 2.5 hrs], and Photoshop CC 2019 One on One Fundamentals [18/9 = 9 hrs]). Then I will be mimicking/learning from sample art I’ve collected over the years on deviantart.com.

The goal is to create 4 finished (loosely defined) projects, one per week.

Update 12/25: Well, this month did NOT go as planned…but what did I expect, huh? 😉

Instead of doing art, I ended up watching several Youtube artists over a couple days…and then going ahead and making a Name Song as a Christmas present for my cousin instead. Ha!

So this is my creative project for December:

V’s Song

  • The song took about 6 hours to make, but the first hour was getting everything set up (I switched computers)
  • At first nothing was working and I was worried, but thank God, after restarting the computer and waiting for a few minutes, everything worked! Sometimes it just takes some time to warm up, I guess? Or maybe it’s just that my pleading prayers for help were answered. Who knows? At least I got this done!