Art (2D, Design, and Video)

  • Follow Lynda videos
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • After Effects (focus on kinetic typography, type animation)
  • Go through RDE course
  • Mimic one fav artist’s portfolio
  • Draw a bunch of one thing (eyes, faces, etc)
  • Go through a drawing book and do an exercise a day
  • Practice turning photos into digital art (turn pics of people into artwork)
  • Copy/imitate all the pictures in a single picture book…upside down 111019

Music (Acoustic and Production)

  • Production
    • Reset my 50+ songs with electronic backing tracks
    • Use new Studio One Effects or instruments in each song
      • Challenges, like: write a song using only instruments you’ve synthesized with Mai Tai
      • Write a song for each section of the S1 manual:
      • Mimic songs I like, either trying to stick close to the original arrangement or making up my own
      • Create background music for Youtube videos (mimic YT backing tracks)
  • Composition
    • Write original songs using Lynda examples
    • Rearrange hymns
  • Acoustics
    • Voice
      • Sing simple Bach with e-tuner
    • Guitar
      • Lynda video exercises
      • YT tutorial videos, learn 3-4 songs
    • Viola
      • Work on bowing exercises (scales, open strings)
      • Learn 1 big song (Schindler’s list, Bach-Gounod)
    • Piano
      • memorize Bach’s WTC (hand-write, start from second piece, learn LH first)


  • Every 6-12 months, re-make a few of my old projects using the new techniques/skills I’ve learned to see how far I’ve really come.
    • Or: 1/4 of each project should be a redo of an old project. (If I creat e4 art or music pieces per month, the 4th should be a redo of an old project)
  • Write the second and third musicals


  • Japanese
  • Chinese
    • Hand-copy a short book
    • Learn rap
    • Translate an article or chapter in a book
    • ONGOING: bpmf/rhyme chart (when finished, use to write a song)